April 2008

April News

This month the sliding fee changes that were announced last month were put into place, and a few additional items that have been requested in the past were created.

Password Hints

The first new item added this month was that we now allow a password hint to be added to each event. Those of you that use passwords on your events may find this helpful in allowing more people to view the events without them having to contact you for the password. For example, on a wedding you could have a hint that says “The password is the bride's maiden name.” By adding a password hint like this to your events you can still keep out any unwanted public, while at the same time allowing those with knowledge of the event in without a problem.

password hints

Bulk Email Templates

Another item that was added this month is custom bulk email templates. When you were sending bulk emails in the past you basically had to either use one of our two generic email templates as a starting point, or you could start from scratch. With the new templating ability you can now create your own templates that can be reused as often as you would like to use them. To create a template for your bulk emails you just create your email however you would like, and then when you have tested it and made sure that everything is exactly how you want it you just click the “Save this email as a new template for future use?” checkbox and give the new template a name. After you have saved a template you can then re-use it by selecting it from a dropdown list that is now available on the bulk email page.

email templates

Charge Sales Tax on Shipping

The last change put into place this month is the ability to charge sales tax on your shipping and handling fees. Some states (such as Washington) require that sales tax be collected on the shipping and handling fees along with the rest of the order, and up until now there was no way to do that on our site. If you need to charge sales tax on your shipping and handling you can enable the new option from the “taxes” page (within the “Setup”" tab) by clicking the appropriate checkbox.

sales tax

How-To: Modify uploaded images

One of the most commonly asked questions we get is “how do I change the pricing of an image that is already uploaded?”, so this month for our “How-To” section we will show you how that works, and we will also show you what else can be modified after your images have been uploaded.

To modify an image (or group of images) after they have been uploaded you do the following:

update images The sort order of your images within a category is first based on the ratings of your images, and secondly based off of the names of your images. All images come into the system as a “3” on the rating scale, leaving the actual sorting to be based off of the names by default. If you would like to move an image to the top of a category you can either change the name so that it is alphabetically before the rest, or you can increase the rating of the image (an image rated as a “5” shows up before an image rated as a “3” regardless of the image name).

Wrap Up

Like always, we would like to thank you all for the great suggestions you offer. We appreciate you as our clients and if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop us a line at support@instaproofs.com or leave us a message on the forums. Have a great month in May, and we'll see you here again in about four weeks!

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