April 2010

April News

Congratulations to everyone that won something last month during our 5th Year Anniversary Celebration! The celebration was a huge success, and we had many many people participate in it. For a full list of the winners (including who won the Canon EOS 5D Mark II!), see here.

Discounted Rates for Charity Events

We have not had a standard policy on this in the past, but we have almost always been willing to reduce our fees for charity events. At this point, we would like to make it official; all charity events are now eligible to have their fees reduced to just 4%*restrictions apply. If you are selling images for a charity event, please send an email to contact@instaproofs.com to see if your event qualifies, and for information on how to receive the discounted rate.

iPhone Application Launched

After many months of design, development, and testing, our iPhone application is finally complete! The iPhone application was created as a way to ensure that wherever you are, you can always keep up to date on your orders. Some of the things that you can do with the application include: iPhone Application The application is FREE, and can be found by either searching for "Instaproofs" in the iTunes App Store, or by clicking the following link: iPhone Application

We are aware that many people do not own iPhones, and we are considering porting the application to the Android operating system as well. The cost of porting this to every mobile phone system is prohibitively high, and we will not be making this available for Blackberry, Palm, Windows Mobile, etc.

View Customer Shopping Carts

The ability to view a customer's shopping cart is something that has been requested multiple times throughout the last few years, but we have always put it off because of the complexities involved with adding this functionality to our system. Last month, we decided that the time had come to spend the resources necessary to get it done, and this functionality is now available for you to use and enjoy! If you require email addresses to view your events, all new non-ordered shopping carts can now be viewed through the "Email" page for each of your events. As long as you know which email address belongs to the customer you are wondering about, you can view their shopping cart contents with just a click of your mouse.

view shopping cart

In addition to being able to view your visitors' shopping carts, you can also send them emails to help remind them to complete their purchases. A new email template has been created specifically for this, and you can customize the template to fit your business' specific look and feel. To send a shopping cart reminder email, check the checkboxes next to each email address that you would like the email to be sent to, and then click the new "Send Cart Reminder" button that is found at the bottom of the email list. You can view and modify the contents of the email by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the "Modify Message" button next to the "Shopping Cart Reminder" label.

modify email contents

Delete Empty Categories

Empty categories (categories with no images in them) have never been displayed on the storefronts, but many people have requested for a way to delete them from their administrative view. Since the categories haven't caused any trouble on the storefronts, we have generally thought of this as a non-necessary change and have pushed this request to the end of the list. But, after receiving the 50th request for this option, we decided that it was high-time to move it to the front of the pack and get it done. You can now delete empty categories from your administrative view by clicking the delete icons within the "Manage Photos" page.

delete category

Suggestions Galore

One of the best things about the photographers using our service is that they are constantly giving us feedback! Each year we load up our development queue with the top suggestions that we consider to be worthwhile for everyone, and we rank them from the most frequently requested to the least frequently requested. Some of the suggested items that were recently implemented include: adding multiple new discount methods, displaying a featured image for each event, showing thumbnail images on the homepage, adding an opt-in checkbox to the email collection screen, allowing photographers to view their clients' shopping carts, drag-and-drop photo re-arrangement, etc.

While we are developing items from previous lists, many people continue to offer new suggestions. In fact, just last week we loaded up an additional 140 items into our suggestion review queue! Obviously, we cannot implement all of the changes and additions that are requested, but we do our best to get as many good ones in as possible. We review every single suggestion that is made, and we base the suggestion's place in the queue on 1) the number of photographers that will benefit from the change, 2) the number of times that it has been requested, 3) the amount of time it will take to develop the change, and 4) the effect that it will have on other areas within our system.

So, keep the suggestions coming! We love to hear from you, and we appreciate knowing the things that you would like to see added to our system.

Modify an Uploaded Image

A question that we are commonly asked is “how do I change the pricing of an image that is already uploaded?” So, for those of you wondering how to do this, here's a quick rundown of how it is done:

Wrapping it Up

And that finishes us up for the month! We hope that you have a great Spring season, and that your business grows and prospers throughout the remainder of the year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@instaproofs.com.

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