July 2010

We have some great changes and additions to announce this month! The first one, which many people have been waiting for, is custom image cropping on the storefronts! We'll give some more details of how that works below, but in addition to the custom image cropping we have also added:

We will also be announcing the next couple of discounted fee weekends a little further down in the newsletter, so be sure to continue reading to get that information!

On to the Details!

Since the big item this month is the new custom crop option, we'll start with that one...

Custom Cropping

Crop Marks
Custom cropping is something that we have considered adding for quite some time, but because of the complexities involved in implementing it we have held off on it. Until now.

There are currently three options available for the image cropping: Since the crop marks are a little more complicated than something that can be shown in a single screenshot, click here to view a short example video of how they work.

Important Note: The image cropping details are not currently available on our iPhone application. We expect to have an updated version of the application ready shortly, but for now please view the custom crop details online.

Individual Event Sales

Have you ever wanted to put on a sale for just one specific event, and then been disappointed when you realized that it wasn't possible? Well, those days of disappointment are over! Both the "Discount Date Range" and the "Print Size Discount" discounts have been updated to allow you to list your sales on individual events. The sales and discounts work exactly like they have in the past, with the only difference being that you can now either select specific events, specific event types, or a combination of the two. Enjoy! :)

Enhanced Email Exporting

In the past we've allowed you to export your collected email addresses from each event individually, and we've had a way for you to export *all* of your collected email addresses at one time. But, we haven't had any customizable ways for you to do it. There was no way to limit the email addresses to a specific time period, or to specific event types, etc. It was basically an all-or-nothing type of approach.

The all-or-nothing approach works fairly decently when you run email campaigns only once or twice a year, but when you are running campaigns more frequently than that, or when you want to target only specific audiences, this method doesn't work so well.

Our new exporting functionality was put in place to help you more easily manage your email addresses by allowing you to do things like: export all email addresses that have been collected in the past 2 months for the Wedding event type. By exporting only the email addresses that you are interested in, you can more easily create new campaigns with your bulk email service providers (such as Constant Contact, iContact, Mail Chimp, etc.), and you don't have to worry as much about sending emails to stale/abandoned email addresses. Our new exporting functionality also automatically removes all incorrectly formatted email addresses from the exported list, so you don't have to manually go through the list and remove invalid addresses.
Email Export

Custom "Image Not Available" Images

Throughout the past year we have seen many differently colored/styled storefronts popping up, and with all of the new storefront styles that are being used, the default "Image Not Available" images don't always seem to fit in. So, in order to allow you to more fully customize your storefront, you can now upload your own images for both the "Photo Not Available" image and the "Images Not Yet Available" image.

Photo Not Available - This image is generally seen on your storefront when images have been uploaded to an event, but are not yet fully processed into the system.
Images Not Yet Available - This image is seen on the event list on your storefront homepage when you have the "featured images" functionality enabled, and no images uploaded for an event.
Custom Images
You can upload your own customized versions of these images within the "customize" page in the "Setup" tab.

Free Shipping Discount

Over the course of the past five years we have received many requests for quite a few different types of discounts to be added to our system. One of the discount types that have been repeatedly requested is a free shipping discount, and we are happy to announce that we have now added this to our ever-growing list of discount options available for your storefront.

The free shipping discount allows you to set a minimum order size requirement, and it grants the visitor free shipping using your standard shipping method. If an alternate shipping method is selected by your customer, they will be charged the normal shipping amount for the alternate method. Free Shipping

New Tutorial Videos

We have added a couple of new tutorial videos to our growing list of videos found within the "Setup" tab:

Upcoming Discounted Fee Weekends

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for... our next discounted fee weekends will be held September 3rd through September 5th, and November 5th through November 7th. During these discounted weekends, all order fees will be reduced from the normal 15% to just 6%!


And that's a wrap! As always, thank you for your support and your suggestions. We'll see you here again in about a month!

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