New Design, Available Now

It's Ready.

After numerous delays, deadline extensions, and setbacks we are very proud to announce the general release of our all-new storefront design! Available today, August 1st, 2016.

What's New?

In a word, everything. Built from the ground up using only the latest in development technologies, our new storefront is beautiful, quick and responsive. Regardless of which devices your clients use to view their galleries, they will always be shown your images in the most convenient way possible for them.

Mobile Compilation

Ready to Make the Switch?

Switching to the new design is easy. Simply go into the Preferences page within your account and change the Storefront Style setting to the 'Gallery' option.

Enable the Gallery

Then What?

After switching your account over to the new style you should do the following:

Customize the Colors

Anything Else?

Well yes, now that you mention it. Please read through the following set of notes to help you decide if making the switch is right for you.

Larger Images

The images are displayed much larger in this design than they have been on the previous storefront versions. This provides a much better viewing experience for your visitors, and could potentially result in additional sales as well. However, it could also lead to increased screen-captures. If you are concerned about your clients doing this you may want to enable watermarks to help discourage the practice.

Loading Times

The first time your storefront loads, and the first time each event in it is visited, it may take a bit of time for the images to initially display. The specific image sizes required for the new storefront design are created on-the-fly when the site/event is visited for the first time, and they are then readily available for your other visitors that come to view the images afterwards.

Browser Support

Because we built this new system using modern browser technologies, we cannot support some of the older browsers*. Generally speaking this will affect very few people, but it may affect one or more of your storefront visitors. The easiest solution to this problem is to simply let them know to update their browser if they ask about it, or to suggest that they use a more modern browser in place of whatever they are using that is having trouble. If they can't do that, they can also be pointed to the previous storefront design. *Older browsers = 3+ years old.

CNAME Support

CNAMEs (alias URLs) are no longer fully supported. You may continue to use a CNAME to direct your clients to the site, but once they hit our system they will automatically be redirected to your standard Instaproofs URL instead of the CNAME. The reason for this is that new storefront uses https everywhere, which means that all of the data sent to & from the site is encrypted. CNAMEs are not compatible with https, which is why your clients will be redirected to your Instaproofs URL when they visit your storefront.

Instaproofs URLs

Instaproofs URLs that have multiple dots in them before the “.com” portion are not supported in the new design. This means that if your URL is something like you will need to have your URL changed before making the switch to the new design. Your URL should be formatted like this: Similar to the reason for limited CNAME usage, multiple dots in the URLs are not permitted simply because they are not supported by the https setup.

Try it Now!

Click the button to be taken into your preferences page, where you can make the switch!

Try it Now

Got Questions?

If you have any questions please reply back to this email or shoot a message to our support department as

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