February 2010

Just one month until our 5th anniversary! During the week of March 1st through March 5th we are going to be celebrating our 5th year anniversary here at Instaproofs, and to celebrate we will be giving away the following items:

Small Prizes
5.5% fees for everyone for the duration of the celebration!
5 random orders will get their fees reduced to 0% each day!
Medium Prizes
5 free events will be randomly awarded (one each day)!
5 Fujifilm Instax 200 cameras with film will be randomly given away (one each day)!
Large Prizes
On March 3rd, one person will win a new camera bag!
On March 4th, one person will win 5.5% fee for 5 months!
On March 5th, one person will win a Canon EOS 5D Mark II w/ 24-105mm Lens!!

The Details

The way it is going to work is as follows: Good luck to everyone! It should be a lot of fun.

Welcome, Richard Photo Lab!

Richard Photo Lab and Instaproofs have teamed up and are now working together to help you impress your clients in all areas of your business. If you are looking for the best lab in the country, you won't find one better than Richard Photo Lab. Tell them we sent you, and they'll give you a 10% discount on all of your orders, for life.
Richard Photo Lab

Photo Album Viewer

Over the last few years we have had a lot of people tell us that they would love to be able to sell their pre-made custom photo albums, but there hasn't been an easy way to display them. To help you sell those albums, we have now added an album viewer to our storefronts. To allow your clients to view your albums, you simply create a product as you normally would, but in addition to creating the product, you also upload images showing each page from within the album. When your client clicks on a product that includes an album, an additional link is displayed, and when that link is clicked the album viewer is displayed.

The album viewer is very similar to other viewers you may have seen elsewhere... two pages are displayed at a time, and the pages can be flipped by pulling on the page corners (like you would with a book). The image below shows a page in mid-flip.
Album Viewer

Product Notes

Along with an album viewer, many of you have asked for a way to have your clients include notes on specific products when they are ordering them. This functionality has now been added, and you can choose to display a notes box on any of your product options. When you client adds a note to a product, you will see the note on the order details, and your clients will see it in their shopping cart and on their sales receipt.

To add the notes box for a product on your storefront, go into the “products” page and click on the “manage options” link next to your product. Click the “Edit” link for any of your options, and then put a checkmark on the item labeled “Allow Custom Notes?”.
Product Note

It's Survey Time!

So, how are we doing? Take the survey below, and let us know what you think. The survey should only take about 5 minutes, and by taking the survey you will automatically be entered to win one of five $50 Amazon gift cards.


Wrapping it Up

A big thank you goes out to everyone that has offered suggestions, and that has referred other photographers to Instaproofs. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line at support@instaproofs.com. We'll see you here again next month.

Good luck on the winning some of the 5th year anniversary prizes!

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