February 2011

Where has the time gone?! Our last newsletter was sent out almost four months ago, and since that time we have had quite a few changes that we'd love to tell you about!

In this newsletter we will be covering:

New and Modified Functionality

International Currencies

After many years and much deliberation, we have finally gone international! We now support the following international currencies: $USD, $CAD, $NZD, $AUD, and £GBP. If your account is currently setup for the $USD and you want to switch over to another currency instead, shoot us an email and we'll help you do that.

Custom Lightroom Plugin

The newest addition to our image uploading options is a custom export plugin for Adobe Lightroom. We have previously provided a tutorial on how to FTP your images through Lightroom, but with this new custom plugin you no longer need to know anything about FTP to send us your images. The new plugin can be found here: http://instaproofs.com/downloads/lrplugin.zip Just put in your name and password, select the event and category(s) you are uploading to, and let the plugin do its magic. :)

Lightroom Export Plugin

Add-ons on the Print Details Screen

Up until now the only way that your clients could select add-ons for their images was to do it through the shopping cart page. Many people felt that that was an inconvenient spot for the add-ons to be selected, so we have now added a new (more visible) location for them. As of right now, when your clients select their print sizes they will be given the option to select the add-ons to go along with them (if any are available). In addition to the new add-on selection location, you can also customize the link's text that is displayed to your clients. For example, if you have many different paper types that you would like to have your clients select from, you can change the link to say “Select Paper Type.” To change the link text, go into the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab and modify the item labeled “Print Details Page Add-on Encouragement Link.”

Select Add-ons

New Cropping Option

A new cropping option has been created that allows you to have the best of our two previous options, combined. The new cropping option allows example crop marks to be displayed on your images immediately when the different print sizes are selected, and it allows your visitors to select their own custom crops as well. You can enable the new cropping option by selecting “View & Custom Cropping” within the “Image Cropping” droplist found in your preferences.

New Cropping Option

Combined Prints & Products Shipping Calculations

If you've offered products through your storefront in the past, you may have run into the problem of charging your clients too much shipping because of the way that shipping has been charged independently for both prints and products. As a result of the multiple comments that we have received about this, we've gone in and reworked the shipping calculation system a bit and problems of this type are now a thing of the past! You can now choose whether or not you want to combine the shipping for your prints and products or whether you want to leave them independent of one another. To update your shipping preferences, go into the “prices/shipping” page within the “Setup” tab and click on the “switch calculation methods” link.

Combined Shipping

Revamped Sales Tax Collection System

Because many states, cities, and counties now require that sales tax is collected at a variable rate based on the exact location of where an order is being shipped, we have overhauled our sales tax calculation system to make it easier for you to comply with local sales tax regulations. In the past we allowed you to set one rate for each state that you wanted to collect sales tax for, but with the new system that's in place you can now define different tax rates for individual countries, states, cities, counties, and zip codes.

Sales Tax

Upcoming Awesomeness

Wrapping it Up

Next month we will be releasing statistics from the print sales made in 2010, so if you are interested in seeing how you did in comparison with everyone else be on the lookout for that! If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to drop us a line at support@instaproofs.com. We'll see you here again in about a month!

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Calling all Photographers!

It's time for us to select new images for our corporate website, and due to the last few years' tremendous response, we'd like to invite everyone to once again submit their best work for consideration.

For details and instructions on how to submit your images, please click here: submission details

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February 2011

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