Social Sharing Logs

Social Sharing Logs

Have you ever wondered when (or even if!) your clients are sharing your images through social media? If so, we've got you covered: sharing history has now been added and can be viewed within the Visitors page for each of your galleries. We've added a sharing timeline to the visitor graph, and we've added additional details, such as which sharing option was utilized and which image was shared, in a new table below the graph.

Sell Category Downloads

Category Instant Downloads

Selling category downloads is perfect for sporting events, school photos, high-volume portrait sessions, and all other galleries categorized by the people or subjects within them. Setting up a purchase option for category downloads can now be done through the Print Sets area within the Setup tab of your account.

We hope you enjoy these updates; many more are on their way!

Talk soon!
The Instaproofs Team |

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