Thank you for purchasing a high resolution subscription!  Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your subscription:

Download the latest versions of our image uploaders. Your high resolution subscription allows you to upload images that are up to 40MB each.  If you have previously downloaded any of our image uploading utilities, please un-install those applications and download the most recent versions.  Some of the older versions do not include the ability to upload high-res images, and to avoid running into that issue we recommend that you download them again just in case your version is out of date. 

You can download the latest versions of the applications here:

If you generally upload your images through an FTP application, you may continue to use your existing FTP application.

Sell high resolution instant downloads.  Your high resolution subscription includes the ability for you to offer high resolution instant downloads through your storefront.  To create an instant download purchase option, go into the "Setup" tab and then into the "Print Sizes/Sets" page within it.  On the "Print Sizes/Sets" page, click the "Create New" button at the very bottom of the page. Once you are on the Create New page, select the "Instant Image Download" option and then fill out the rest of the information however you would like it to be displayed.  After you have finished creating the instant download option, go into your pricing template(s) and update the prices to also include your newly created instant download option.

Sell full-event instant downloads.  In addition to allowing you to sell individual high resolution images, your high resolution subscription also includes the ability for you to sell full-event instant downloads.  You can set these types of products up through the "Products" page within the "Setup" tab.

Downloading your images. You may occasionally need to download some of your images from us (when you are on a road trip, etc.). When this happens, downloading your images is a very simple process. To download just a few specific files: (a) click on the "Manage Photos" link next to your event (in the "Events" tab), (b) click the "Manage" link next to the category that contains your images, then (c) click the green download icon next to the image that you would like to download. To download a full category of your images: (a) click on the "Manage Photos" link next to your event, then (b) click the green download icon in the far right column next to the category of your choice.  Clicking the download icon for the category will cause your images to be zipped up and streamed to you in a single downloadable file.

Give direct fulfillment a try. (U.S. Photographers Only)  Instead of taking all of your orders to an outside lab for fulfillment, give our direct fulfillment services a try. Using our direct fulfillment services reduces the possibility of errors and it allows you to quickly submit your orders for fulfillment without ever having to leave the site or upload any additional copies of your images someplace else. To start using our fulfillment services click on the "Fulfillment" tab and then click into the "Fulfillment Overview" page.

Pay attention to your subscription usage. You can view your current usage at the top of the "Company Info" page found within the "Setup" tab. Each high resolution subscription plan includes 200GB of image storage space.  If you go over your subscription limit, any newly uploaded images will be saved in our standard low resolution format (1280px on their largest side), and they will not be downloadable as high resolution instant downloads.  If you want/need more than 200GB of storage space, additional 200GB blocks can be purchased through the store tab for an additional $50/yr.

Remember to renew your subscription. The subscription period lasts for 12 months. Unless you renew your subscription, your previously uploaded high-res images will be downgraded to low-res images and you will not be able to take advantage of any of the additional subscription benefits. Reminder emails will be sent before your subscription expires, but try to keep track of your renewal date in case you miss the emails.

Additional information. For more information about your high resolution subscription please feel free to read through our FAQ, which can be found here: Click Me

And that's it!  Enjoy the subscription, and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Instaproofs Support Team