Fulfillment Services: We'd Love to Help

Over the past few years we've helped thousands (yep, thousands) of professional photographers save time and money by fulfilling tens of thousands (yep, really that many) of their print orders through our professional lab services. We're great at what we do, and we'd love to help you fulfill your orders as well!

A few ways that Instaproofs can make order fulfillment easier for you, include:

  • Automatic import of order-specific details, such as sizes, crops, addresses, etc.
  • Automatic shipment notifications to your clients.
  • Tracking information is made available for each of your orders.
  • Opting in to auto-fulfillment reduces your work time to zero minutes per order.

Fulfillment Perks & Professional Partnerships
Our professional lab partners, and some of the many perks that are available to you through our fulfillment services, are shown in the graphic below:

infographic: instaproofs fulfillment

Simple Setup
To get started with our fulfillment services, follow these three simple steps:
  • Navigate to the Fulfillment Overview page within the Fulfillment tab, and read through some of the basic fulfillment information.
  • Click into the Lab Connection screen and associate your storefront print sizes with the sizes and paper types available from the lab of your choice.
  • Click into the Auto Fulfillment page and select your auto-fulfillment preferences.

And that's it! The best part? As soon as you've enable auto-fulfillment you'll get to sit back while Instaproofs does all the work for you.


Need Some Help? We're Here for You.

As you get started with our fulfillment services our friendly support staff would be more than happy to answer questions that may come up. Simply reply to this email, give us a call, or click the Live Chat button within your Instaproofs account to chat. Talk to you soon!

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