July 2009

It's been two months since our last newsletter went out (where does all the time go??), and in that time we have added/changed a bunch of things that I think you're going to like!

But, before we get into the details about the changes that have been made, we would like to announce a planned discounted weekend in both August and October. For those of you that have been with us for a while, you know how it works, but for those of you that are new, here's the deal: every couple of months we offer a weekend or two (Friday through Sunday) where all order transaction fees are reduced to just 6%, regardless of the order size. During the discounted weekends, we encourage you to put on sales of your own, and take maximum advantage of the discounted fees. So get out your day planners and mark these dates... the next set of discounted weekends are August 7-9, and October 9-11.

So what else is new? Well, I'm glad you asked! The majority of the requests that we get from everyone have to do with discounts in one way or another, so we have spent quite a bit of time lately enhancing that area of the storefronts. The two big discount changes are 1) credit vouchers are now named “discount codes” and are way more flexible than they used to be, and 2) you can now choose to include products in your standard discounts. We'll go into more details on these two items further on in the newsletter.

In addition to the big changes that were made to the discounts, here are a few other things that have been changed or added within the last couple of months: drillable email logs, customizable sepia coloring, sales tax on invoices, copyable pricing templates, more control on instant image downloads, a new off-site embeddable slideshow option, a customizable storefront link, and a new image-uploading application.

Some of the Smaller Stuff

Because a couple of the items that have been added/changed are pretty big, I'm lumping some of the smaller changes together here:

Customizable Storefront Link

Have you ever wanted to add some additional information to your storefront, but haven't really found a good place to do it? Or maybe you have wanted to have a link from your storefront to your blog, but there didn't seem to be a place to put the link. Those two scenarios are exactly why this customizable link was created.

Using the new “Display Custom Link” setting (found in the “preferences” page) you can define a custom link that will be displayed on your storefront, right next to the FAQ link at the top of each page. You can choose to have the link take people to an entirely different site (your blog, etc.), or you can define the link to take your visitors to a page that is totally customizable by you, but is hosted on our servers.
Custom Link
To set this link up, go into the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab, scroll down about a quarter of the way down the page, and then modify the “Display Custom Link” and “Custom Page Content” options.

New Image-uploading Application

Note: This next item applies to just the XP and Vista users (sorry Mac users!).

We have never received many complaints about the current options for uploading images, but since we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon everything, we have added yet another way for you to add images to your events. And this way doesn't even require you to open your browser.

With our new uploading application you simply select the files and/or folders that you want to upload, right-click on the selected items, and then select “Send To” » “Instaproofs” from the right-click menu.

If you would like to give this application a shot, you can download a copy of it here: Uploading Application
New Uploader

Add a Discount to your Products

As many of you are keenly aware, our discount system in the past has never allowed you to include your products in with the discount. Although it may have seemed like we weren't listening to your pleas about this, we promise that we were, and that it has been planned for quite a while to get this put in place. This month, the plan was finally put into motion, and you can now choose to include products with your other discounted items.

To enable the inclusion of products in your discounts, create or edit a discount and put a checkmark in the “Apply this discount to products as well as prints?” checkbox.
Discount Products

Discount Codes

In the beginning, there were “credit vouchers”. For the privilege of using the credit vouchers we charged you a 6% fee for any credit voucher you wanted to create. The credit vouchers were limited to a set of specific dollar amounts, and there were no frills to them. A year and a half later, we revamped that system and started giving the vouchers away at no cost. We also added the ability for you to choose an expiration date, define whatever dollar amount you wanted for the voucher, and you could choose a minimum purchase requirement. Today, we are announcing the third, and most exciting, overhaul to the voucher system yet!

Here's what we have changed:

An example of something that you can do with the updated discount codes is you can offer your clients $10 off of orders under $100, $20 off of orders under $200, and $30 off of orders over that amount. All using a single discount code.

With the new discount codes it's easy for you to offer one person 25% off of their order (through the use of a code), while not allowing anyone else to have that type of discount, or even know about it. Discount codes can also be used in email marketing campaigns, where only the people that actually read through your email would be able to get the discount.

In addition to the new capabilities that have been added to the discount codes, we have left the whistles and bells in place from the previous credit voucher era as well. You can still setup minimum purchase requirements, set expiration dates for the discounts, specify the events that the discount codes can be used on, limit the discounts to only the first X people that use it, etc.
Discount Codes
Have fun with this! We hope that the new options will be a great tool for you in your ever-evolving marketing campaign.


And that's a wrap! As always, thank you for your support and your suggestions. We'll see you here again next month!

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