July 2012

In our previous newsletter we announced that we were working on a couple of very large projects, and we are happy to announce that some of those projects are now complete!

Here's a quick rundown of what we'll be going over in our newsletter this month:

•  Updated Service Agreement
•  High Resolution Image Storage
     High Resolution Instant Downloads
     Download Your Images From Anywhere
     No Time Limit on Your Events
•  Direct Fulfillment Services
     Professional Photo Lab
     One Business Day Turnaround Time
     Competitive Pricing
     Automatic Status Updates
•  Upload Your Own Slideshow Music
•  Upcoming Discounted Weekends
•  Storefront Redesign Update

So without further ado, lets jump right into the details!

Updated Service Agreement

Our service agreement has been updated! Sometime next week when you login to your account you will be prompted to agree to the new service agreement terms. Here are a few Questions and Answers about the update:

Q: Why was the service agreement updated?
The last time our service agreement was updated was almost a year and a half ago. Since that time we have started accepting international currencies, we have lowered our minimum payment amounts, we have added high resolution image storage, etc. The service agreement needed to be updated to accomodate the changes.

Q: Are there any changes to the fees?
There are a few important changes to be aware of, but for most transactions the fees have remained the same. Here is a breakdown of the fees that have been changed:
Fee Changes for U.S. Dollar Accounts
     Returned direct deposit fees have been reduced to $3 (previously $10).
     Some American Express refunds will now cost you 3.5% of the refunded amount.*
Fee Changes for Non-U.S. Dollar Accounts
     Invoice fees have been raised to 6% (previously 4%).
     Chargeback fees have been reduced to $20 U.S. dollars (previously $30).

*Because of this change, you may now select whether or not you would like to accept American Express transactions on your account.

Q: When will the fee changes go into effect?
The fee changes will go into effect on August 1st.

Q: Was anything else changed that might affect the way I use my account?
No, we do not believe so. Although a large portion of the agreement has been re-written in this update, the main reason for the update was to include details on a few of our newly offered services.

Q: Should I read through the new service agreement?
Yes. By using our service you are agreeing to the terms found within the service agreement, so it would be good for you to know what it is you are agreeing to.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the new agreement?
The service agreement has now been broken into three documents, and those documents can be found here:
     Service Agreement (main agreement document)
     Service Fees and Charges
     Payment Method And Disbursement Schedule

If you have any questions about the updated agreement, please let us know.

High Resolution Image Storage

By purchasing a high resolution subscription you may now store your images in high resolution on our servers. Here are the details:

Price: $50/yr per 200GB. Additional blocks of 200GB may be purchased for an additional $50/yr.
Store your images in high resolution. Image files up to 20MB each can be stored on our high resolution servers. The high resolution files can be uploaded through Lightroom, Aperture, FTP, our custom image uploader for PCs, and our non-Java web-based image uploader.
High resolution instant downloads. With a high resolution subscription you are no longer limited to offering low resolution instant downloads on your storefront. You can now offer both full resolution downloads and downloads that are constrained to be any size that you would like them to be.
Download your images from anywhere. As long as you have access to the internet, you can download your high resolution images from anywhere. The images can be downloaded individually or they can be grouped by category.
No time limits on your events. As long as you have an active high resolution subscription you can display your events for as long as you would like. With a high resolution subscription you are not limited to our standard 270 day time limit, and you no longer have to purchase extensions to bring that limit up to 365 days.
Access to our direct fulfillment services. See below for more details on this.

For more information about high resolution subscriptions, click here: http://bit.ly/JNU4Bo

Direct Fulfillment Services

All photographers in the U.S with a high resolution subscription are given access to our fulfillment services. Some of the benefits of using our fulfillment services include:

Trusted, professional photo lab. It is difficult to find a lab that is both consistent with their quality and reliable in their services, so we have gone ahead and resolved that difficulty for you. We have partnered with Richard Photo Lab, and we know that you will be impressed with the quality and consistency of their work!
One business day turnaround time. Submit your orders before 11PM (Mountain Time) and the order will be printed and shipped the next business day.
Competitive pricing. View our print prices here: http://bit.ly/LlDwo5
Automatic status updates. The status of each order submitted through our fulfillment services is automatically updated as the order goes through the fufillment process. Additionally, all orders are shipped through UPS and are assigned tracking numbers automatically at the time they are shipped.
Use your previously uploaded images. Since you have already uploaded your high resolution images to our servers, there is no need to re-upload your images for fulfillment purposes. This allows you to quickly submit your orders for fulfillment from anywhere, without needing to have access to the images at your studio.

Upload Your Own Slideshow Music

Have you wanted to upload your own music for your slideshows? Well now you can! Slideshow music can be uploaded through the "slideshow music" link found next to your event types in the "event types" page within the "Setup" tab. Enjoy! :)

Upcoming Discounted Weekends

There are a couple of times each year where we offer a weekend with discounted order fees. Instead of our normal 15% fee, all order fees are reduced to just 6% during these weekends! Here are two of the weekends that are coming up:

•  Aug 31st through Sep 2nd (Labor Day weekend)
•  Nov 23rd through 25th (Black Friday weekend)

To take full advantage of these discounted weekends, add these dates to your calendar and put on a sale of your own at the same time!

Storefront Redesign Update

In our previous newsletter we let you in on the secret that we have been hard at work on a new storefront design. Although the coding is not complete, much has been done and it's coming along nicely! We are still hoping for a late Summer release.

If you haven't already seen our slideshow showing off some of the redesigned pages, click the following link... we think you're going to like it: Demo Slideshow


And that's it for this month! We hope that you have a fabulous Summer!

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