June 2008

News & Updates

Its summer time! Sure, Spring is a nice time of year, and it is often the time that the ball starts rolling for weddings, little league games, and high-school formal dances, but Summer and Fall are definitely the peak seasons for selling photography! June through October are high-growth months, and in November more prints are sold than in any other month of the year. To help you make the most of these awesome seasons we would like to offer you one weekend (Friday through Sunday) in August and one weekend in October where the Instaproofs fees will be reduced to just 6%! The dates for the reduced rates are August 1-3, and October 3-5, so mark your calendars and put on a sale of your own through those dates!

Since our last newsletter was sent out we have implemented a bunch of changes that I think you are going to like. Some of the changes include setting your own time zone, the ability to define the size of your zoomed images, the ability for you to receive notifications when people unsubscribe to your reminder emails, and a lots of other smaller changes.

Time Zone Setting

For the past few years everything in the Instaproofs system has been saved and displayed using Mountain Time. This included all sale start and end dates, all order dates, all shipping dates, all event visited log dates, etc. We realize that the majority of you do not live in the Mountain Time time zone, and so we have added the ability for you to select which time zone you wish your dates to be saved in. You can change your time zone setting in the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab. One important thing to know about this setting is that the dates from previous purchases, etc. will not be changed... changing the setting will cause your dates to be saved in the new time zone only from that time forward.

time zone setting

Zoomed Image Size

The size of the image displayed when someone clicks on the magnifying glass icon has previously been limited to 560x420 (or vice-versa). Since we request that all images are uploaded at 1280px on their largest side some of you have wondered why your zoomed images cannot be displayed a little bit larger, and this new setting is a direct result of those requests. In the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab you can now define what size you would like your zoomed images to be displayed at (with the maximum allowed size being 1280px on the largest side). Any change to this setting will affect all of your events instantly.

zoomed image size

Unsubscribe Notifications

In addition to using the bulk emailer provided through the Instaproofs administrative area some people choose to have online marketing services such as ConstantContact handle bulk emails, surveys, etc. While we have always allowed you to download the list of email addresses that have been collected on your events, we haven't had a way for you to easily know who is unsubscribing to your bulk emails. This new setting allows you to receive an email notification whenever someone selects to no longer receive bulk emails from your company, and by receiving these notifications you can quickly know when to remove specific email addresses from your other bulk email service provider's lists. The setting is handled at the event level (through the event edit screen), and can be enabled and disabled whenever you would like.

unsubscribe notifications

Download Mailing Addresses

This is a small addition that can potentially save you a little bit of time. On the main “Activity” page there has been a new option titled “Download Mailing Address(s) - XLS” added to the droplist of available actions to perform on selected orders. Selecting this option will allow you to save the mailing addresses in an excel file for you to use when shipping your orders. The primary benefits for this new ability is that you can now easily create physical address mailing lists, and you can more easily add new addresses to 3rd party shipping management applications.

Disable Watermarks Option

Another small addition here... the ability to disable watermarks on any of your individual events has been added. Maybe you have a Showcase event that you don't want watermarks displayed on, or maybe you have a particularly finicky client that does not want to see watermarks on their images; well, whatever the case may be, you can now disable the watermarks for any of your events by going into the event edit screen and de-selecting the “Display Image Watermarks” setting for that event.

Event Expiring Reminder

Yet another small addition... you can now define how many days away from the expiration date of an event you would like the reminder emails sent out. In the past we have sent out reminder emails to your visitors three days before their events expired, but some of you have mentioned that your clients seem to require slightly more than three days to get their orders in. Now instead of limiting you to using the default setting of three days, we have created a setting (in the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab) so that you can change it to be whatever number of days you would like. The new setting is labeled “Days Remaining Before Expiration Email” and it is found in the very last section on the preferences page.

Wrap Up

We hope that some of the new additions in the system will prove useful to you and your clients. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop us a line at support@instaproofs.com or leave us a message on the forums. Have a great month, and we'll see you here again in about a month!

If you would like to unsubscribe to these newsletters you can do so from within the Setup tab in the “preferences” page.