March '08, contributed by Jonathan Canlas

Use the Favorites

This comes in handy when fulfilling a pre-paid package. If your client bought a package that includes a certain amount of prints, they can add them to their favorites, which you can then access and pull from your hard drive. This allows you to fill packages without meeting in person.

What is a favorite?

On your Instaproofs storefront a “favorite” is simply an image that your client has marked as being one that they are interested in remembering.

How are favorites selected?

There are a couple of ways that your client can mark an image as being a favorite; the first method is through the product details page. When an event is uploaded and released to your clients they can view and purchase single images by clicking on the thumbnail of the image. Once your client has clicked on a thumbnail they will be brought to a new screen showing the print prices, and a few other details about the image. On the right hand side of the screen there is link labeled “Add to favorites”; using this link your client can mark any image as being a favorite, and they can even specify whether they like the image in the original color, in b&w, or in a sepia tone. Your client can mark any amount of images that they would like as being a favorite.

Print View

The second way that an image may be selected as a favorite is through the slideshow presentations. On each slideshow there is a button labeled “Add to Favorites”; clicking this button marks the image currently being viewed on the slideshow as on of your client's favorites. The advantage to this method is that your client can go through many images without needing to click a “next” button, or a thumbnail version of the image. The disadvantage to this method is that your client cannot select a color preference for their favorite, and the “original” color is selected by default.

Slideshow View

How do my clients view their favorites?

Once your client has selected one or more images as being a favorite, a new category is displayed in the event called “Favorites”. This category is displayed exactly like your other image categories in the event and it can be browsed through just like the others. The favorites your clients have selected will remain in the “favorites” category unless the image is manually removed by your client. Favorites are remembered using the email addresses provided by your clients, and because of this, your client must be logged into the event using the same email address each time if they wish to view and/or add to their favorites.

Favorites Category

Why would I want them to use the favorites?

Having your clients use the favorites option comes in handy when fulfilling a pre-paid package. For example, if your package includes (x) amount of proofs, they can add that (x) number to their favorites which you then can access from your end. The favorites are also useful for choosing the images that go inside of a previously ordered album. I predetermine how many images I can fit inside a (x) page album and have them put that number of images into their favorites folder. I then access those images from my end, and with the Multi-file Search program (described below) I pull the images and can immediately start the design of the album.

How do I access my client's favorites?

You can get a list of the favorites that your client has selected by going into the Events tab and clicking on the “Email” link next to the event the favorites were selected for. Once you are inside of the “Email”page you should see a list of email addresses from people that have visited your event; in addition to the email addresses their is a column labeled “Favorites”, and by clicking on the value in the favorites column you will be presented with a list of the favorites selected by your client.

Client Favorites

Also, Instaproofs has taken it one step further in making it easier for you to pull the images from your hard drives with their Multi-file Search program. If you don't have this program yet, it is free for download here :

PC Version : Click Here
Mac Version : Click Here

The Multi-file search application was explained a bit in the February newsletter, so if you need to review that you can do that here.


Remember, when the client is using the favorites option, remind them to login with the same email address every time. If they login with a different email and start adding favorites to it there will be 2 separate folders of favorites since favorites are associated with specific emails/logins.

The favorites really ease our job as photographers as the client now can choose what images they want to come with their package and what images they want to go inside their album, all without having to take the time to come to your studio (for what could be hours) and sift through proofs choosing these images. They can do it all online at their convenience and just email you once they are done.