October 2018
Hey there! We've got a couple of great updates to share with you today, so pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy...

Help at Your Fingertips
Knowledge Base

In addition to phone support, email support, and live chat support, we're happy to announce yet another type of support as well: an online knowledge base, containing detailed answers to over 100 of the most common questions we receive!

More questions are being added each day, and the site can be viewed 24/7 at the following location: https://instaproofs.zendesk.com

Larger Watermark Images
Watermark Size

High-resolution screens have caused your images to display significantly larger than they did in the past, which in turn has made your existing watermarks cover a smaller and smaller portion of your images.

To get the coverage of your watermark back to where it should be, we've increased the maximum allowable watermark size to 2048x634px! Take a moment to upload a larger copy of your watermark file today, through the Logo & Branding page.

New "Large" Watermark Display Option
Watermark Examples

Something that's been frequently requested is an option to display a single large watermark over the center of your images. Your wish is our command!

From the Photos » Preferences page, you can now select either multiple small watermarks (as was previously available) or a single large watermark*.

* Displaying a single large watermark requires that you upload a new larger watermark file as described in the "Larger Watermark Images" description above.

Spreadsheet Import Option
Category Import

If you've ever shot school portraits, little league/youth sports photos, dance competition photos, or other similar large-scale photo shoots, you may have run across the need to create dozens (or even hundreds!) of password protected categories within a single gallery.

Creating the categories for these types of events can now be done with ease! Simply import a spreadsheet containing the category names and their associated passwords, and the categories will be created for you automatically.

Cart Reminder Email Series
Cart Reminder Email Series

Did you know that the average online cart abandonment rate is between 50% and 80%! That's a crazy-high percentage, and our new cart reminder email series was created to help you fight against it.

There are now a total of three cart reminder emails available within your global email templates. These three emails work together as a series of emails intended to bring your visitors back to complete their purchases.

If your account was previously set to automatically send cart reminders, the new cart reminder series has been automatically enabled on your account. To manually enable or disable the series, in whole or in part, head to the bottom of the Marketing » Preferences page.

New Global Templates
Reset Email Template

Our default email templates have been a little bit difficult for many people to work with and customize in the past. As a direct result of your feedback on this subject, a new set of email templates has replaced the previous global templates.

The new email designs are a bit more modern, a bit less wordy, and quite a bit easier to modify than the older designs.

If you've customized your global email templates in the past, we've left your emails alone. Otherwise, all non-customized global emails have been updated to the newest designs. If you'd like to start over with the newest designs, simply click the new "Reset to Newest Default Template" link that's found on each of the default templates.

Social Media Links
Social Links

Adding social media links to your email templates just got significantly easier! To add social media links to your email templates, do the following:

  • Update Your Company Info - Add your social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) details to your account information.
  • Update Your Templates - While editing an email template place your cursor wherever you'd like the social media icons to be added, and then select the "Company: Social Media Links" option from the Dynamic Content button found on the top-left side of the editing menu.
Coming Soon: Artsy Couture + Nations Photo Lab
Artsy Couture + Nations Photo Lab

Get ready for it! Both Artsy Couture and Nations Photo Lab will soon be available on your Instaproofs account! We'll send out another email as soon as they're available, but we expect the integration to be complete sometime within the next 4-6 weeks.

And That's A Wrap!

We've got quite a few additional updates on their way, so stay tuned! And as always, thank you for your continued comments and your suggestions!

Talk Soon,
Instaproofs Support

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