February 18, 2011

Calling All Photographers!

It's time for our annual photo submission contest! Due to the tremendous response that we have received in previous years (and due to the volume of emails that we receive asking for another shot at it), we have decided to open it up to everyone once again! If you are interested in having one (or more) of your images prominently displayed on our corporate website, please read on...

The Details

The rules for this are pretty simple... we are looking for submissions of up to five landscape oriented images. The images can be from any type of event, and can be any style of photography. Each of the winning images will be randomly featured and displayed on the following pages of our website for the next twelve months: Since the images are continually rotated on these pages on a per-visitor basis, up to 20 images may be selected as winning submissions for this contest.

All images should be cropped and resized to 1365(w) x 840(h) before being submitted.

Please do not submit more than five images for our consideration.

The deadline to submit your images is Friday, March 4th, so if you are interested in being a part of this, please respond as quickly as possible.

To submit your images name them as yourName_1.jpg, yourName_2.jpg, etc., and email them to contact@instaproofs.com with "Photo Contest" as the subject.

All winning image submission entrants will be notified by email on Saturday, March 12th. Please keep in mind that a very large number of images will be submitted, and that not all submitted entries can be selected as the winners.

Good luck! We look forward to viewing each of your submissions!

Previous Winning Entries

The following images were selected on last year's photo submission contest, and they are currently being featured throughout the pages of our corporate website.

Winner 01
Winner 02
Winner 03
Winner 04
Winner 05
Winner 06
Winner 07
Winner 08
Winner 09
Winner 10
Winner 11
Winner 12
Winner 13
Winner 14
Winner 15
Winner 16
Winner 17
Winner 18