September/October 2009

Autumn is officially here, and that's great news for print sales! During the months of October, November, and December, more prints are sold than at any other time of the year. And, to help you get a jump start on the new season, we are offering you yet another discounted fee weekend! During the weekend of October 9th - 11th, all order fees will be reduced from the standard rate of 15% to just 6%! Like always, we suggest taking advantage of the discounted weekend by putting on a sale of your own and maximizing your profits.

Our two main goals here at Instaproofs have always been to 1) help your customers view and purchase prints in an easy and intuitive way, and 2) provide an affordable and comfortable environment for you to manage your prints and print orders in. So, with those couple of things in mind, we have been busily working away behind the scenes on a few things that we think you and your clients are going to enjoy. Here's a quick rundown of everything that is going to be explained in this newsletter:

Enhancements for Your Customers
• enter discount codes on the checkout screen • $0.00 summary screen • bit.ly URLs • email opt-in options • print details page re-design

Enhancements for You
• new option for the featured images • bcc sent with order update emails • dollar-based referral commissions • disable opt-in checkbox • drag and drop photo organization

On to the details!

Like we did in our previous newsletter, I am going to go over a couple of the smaller things first before we dig into the bigger ones:

Email opt-in option

The people browsing your events come in all varieties... some of your visitors are your clients or other people that you know, some are family and friends of your clients, some are attendees from an event that you shot, some are your competitor photographers, and some are just random visitors who happen to enjoy looking through your images. Each type of visitor has their own level of interest in your events and your photography, and some of them do not wish to receive promotional and/or reminder emails for the events that they visit.

For those that do not want to receive promotional emails from you, getting the emails can sometimes be a bother, and the emails are generally thrown away without being read and they are often reported as being spam. The new opt-in checkbox on the login screen allows the people that don't want to receive your emails to be able to opt-out of them right from the get-go. No one likes an inbox full of unwanted solicitations, and this new option allows your visitors to decide for themselves if they want to receive your promotional emails or not.
email opt-out

Print details page re-design!

In an effort to make it easier for you to sell your images, and to make it easier for your clients to purchase your images, the print details page has undergone numerous design changes over the last few years. This newest page makeover is another step in that direction, and it includes quite a few conveniences that the previous designs did not. We'll start with a screen shot:
print details
Some of the enhancements shown above include:

This new page design will go live before the end of this week. If you would rather stay with the current version of the page (if you need some time to re-customize your CSS, for example) you can continue using the older version through the “Print Details Page Type” preference that is now available on the “preferences” page within the “Setup” tab.

Disable opt-in checkbox

We understand that some of you may feel that the opt-in checkbox limits your emailing campaign's effectiveness, and for that reason, we have created an option that allows you to enable or disable the opt-in checkbox. The “opt-in” checkbox can be enabled or disabled through the use of the “Display Opt-In Checkbox” option found in the preferences page.

Our advice is to leave the opt-in checkbox in place, even if it results in fewer sale and reminder emails being sent out. Those that select to opt-in to your emails are generally the people that are also most likely to read them.
disable opt-in checkbox

Drag and drop photo organization

By popular request, drag-and-drop photo organization is finally here! To use the new image rearrangement / organization tool, do the following: click “Manage Photos” next to your event » click “Manage Photos” next to the category you are rearranging » click the “Rearrange View” link at the top of the page. Once you have made it to the “Rearrange View” page, you can then click and drag any of your images to the location of your choice (read the directions at the top of the page first). Once your images have been arranged into the order of your liking, click the “Update” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
The previous method of arranging your images (using ratings and image names) is still available if you would prefer to continue using that; but once the images for an event have been rearranged using the new drag-and-drop method, that event can no longer use the previous ratings/names method.


Thank you for all of your great input and suggestions! The changes and additions that we put into the system almost always come directly from the suggestions that we receive from our users, and we appreciate your willingness to share your ideas with us!

If you have any questions about anything from this newsletter, please feel free to email me directly at contact@instaproofs.com.

If you would like to unsubscribe to these newsletters you can do so from within the Setup tab in the “preferences” page.

Calling all Photographers!

It's time for us to select new images for our corporate website, and due to last year's tremendous response, we'd like to invite everyone to once again submit their best work for consideration.

For details and instructions on how to submit your images, please click here: submission details