June 2017

Greetings! As we continuously roll out new functionality and improvements throughout the site we also need to review and adjust our basic services from time to time.

Please read below for information concerning upcoming changes to our service and what you will need to do in order to keep your account open and accessible.

A Short Introduction

In February we rolled out a new set of monthly subscription options and we sent out newsletters and announcements (through email, facebook, twitter, and directly on our website) explaining the new plans and your upcoming options with them. At the same time we also announced that everyone would need to make the switch to one of the new plans before the end of June¹, which is now just around the corner.

Many many photographers have already made the jump and have been enjoying 0% commissions and payments as often as every business day, and we're excited to see everyone else there very soon as well!

If you haven't already made the switch you may still have a few questions about how the new plans work, how much they cost, etc., and in this newsletter we'll go through some of those types of questions. If you have any questions that we don't answer here, please shoot an email to support@instaproofs.com and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!

¹ Existing high-resolution subscription holders have a couple of options. See the section titled "Existing High Resolution Subscriptions" below.

The Very Basics

The monthly plans are replacing all of our other account options. Whether you currently have a high-resolution subscription or a basic free account, the monthly plans were built to replace the account type that you're currently using.

Some of the benefits included in the monthly plans are:

  1. High-resolution image storage
  2. No time limits on your galleries
  3. The ability to sell and give away instant downloads and full-gallery downloads
  4. Access to our fulfillment services (US photographers only)
  5. The ability to disable the cart portion of your gallery
  6. Zero-percent commissions on your orders¹
  7. Payouts as often as every business day
  8. All future updates as they become available

With zero-percent commissions on your orders, the new plans allow you to use Instaproofs any way you'd like without having to worry about any additional costs along the way.

For example, if you've held off on using Instaproofs for invoicing or selling large items in the past because you didn't want to get hit with our fee, the fee is no longer something you need to worry about. Conversely, if you've always wished for the option to disable the cart portion of your account, that is now an option as well.

What it boils down to is that the new plans allow you to choose how you'd like to use Instaproofs, while at the same time allowing you to more easily plan for and budget your storefront costs.

¹ Zero-percent commissions apply to all paid plans. All storefront transactions will be charged a standard credit processing fee through Stripe.

How Much Do The Plans Cost?

All of the plans have a cost that is based on your specific storage and functionality requirements. For example, our most basic plan is $0/month, has 12% commissions, provides 3GB of storage space, and allows up to 15 galleries at a time. Our most popular plan costs $25/month, has 0% commissions, provides 250GB of storage space, and allows an unlimited number of galleries.

You can view all of the different plans and their associated benefits, here: https://www.instaproofs.com/home/costs-and-benefits.html

Which Plan Should You Select?
The plan you select is entirely up to you, but if you're going *just* off of your image storage requirements you can find your current storage usage by doing the following:
  • High Res Subscribers : Click into the Company Info page and your storage usage is displayed underneath your storefront URL.
  • Basic Accounts : Click into the Company Info page, then click the “Switch to a Monthly Plan” button. Your current usage will be displayed at the top of the resulting pop-up.
How Do You Switch to a Monthly Plan?
Switching to a monthly plan is pretty quick and easy. Here's how it's done:
  • Click into the Company Info page
  • Click the "Switch to a Monthly Plan" button
  • Select the plan you'd like
  • Provide your payment details
  • Save your changes

Once you've switched to a monthly plan, the last thing you need to do is connect your account to Stripe to process your transactions. You can do this by clicking the "Connect to Stripe" button that is also found on the Company Info page.

An illustrated step-by-step walkthrough for this process is available here: http://www.instaproofs.com/newsletter/subscription_switch.html

After The Deadline

Unfortunately, if you choose not to switch to a monthly plan before the end of June¹ your storefront will need to be disabled. If you’re a little late in getting switched over, your settings and your events will be held for 90 days before being permanently removed.

¹ Existing high-resolution subscription holders have a couple of options. See the section titled "Existing High Resolution Subscriptions" below.

Existing High Resolution Subscriptions
Accounts with an existing High Resolution Subscription get a little bit of an exception to the June 30th deadline, and they have two choices: (1) Continue using their existing subscription until it expires and then switch to one of the new plans, or (2) Make the switch early and receive an account credit for their remaining subscription balance.
More Information

In addition to the information found in this newsletter we've also created an FAQ document with more information that can be found here: http://www.instaproofs.com/newsletter/subscription_faq.html.

We appreciate your business! As mentioned previously, if you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team!

Talk soon,

instaproofs.com | 435.258.6197 | support@instaproofs.com