Every year we see the same thing over and over... February's sales are lower than most of the other months in the year. Let's make this year different! Instead of doing the same things you've always done, and making the same sales you've always made, let's make February a SPECTACULAR month instead!

In order to help make that happen, we're going to be throwing ideas at you every couple of days for the next few weeks, and we'd love to see you implement them as soon as you see them! Give each of the ideas a shot, and let's see if we can double or even triple your normal February print sales! They may not be anything you haven't heard before, but sometimes all it takes is a little change to make a big difference!

Suggestion #1

Put on a Valentine's Day sale *RIGHT NOW* and let it run right up until Valentine's Day. Easy enough, right?

Well here's the kicker (the thing that will kick your clients into action!) → Make the sale a DOUBLE-PRINTS sale for all orders over $40!*

Let your clients know that if their orders are over $40 they will receive a second copy of all the prints they purchase, for free! By making it a double-print sale, every additional print they order results in additional profit for you (assuming your prices are more than 2x the fulfillment costs) and additional happiness for them. It's a win-win! :)

* If $40 doesn't seem like the right minimum for your specific clientele, increase or decrease it to something more appropriate.

Setting It Up

Because a double-print sale doesn't require anything to be setup in your storefront (you're just doubling whatever they order!), all you need to do to start the sale is:

Want an extra kick? Post a note to each of your events announcing the deal! We can help you out with this, if you'd like.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot, and let's see what this can do for you!

Other Suggestions Coming Soon!

We'll be sending out similar emails a couple times per week throughout the remainder of the month. Try each of the suggestions, and let's make this month SPECTACULAR!

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