We're back with our second suggestion in our February SPECTACULAR series of newsletters! It was great to see how many of you implemented our first suggestion this past weekend, and we hope that you'll give our second suggestion a try as well!

Suggestion #2

Create BOUNCE-BACK DISCOUNTS for all of your events. I know you've heard about discounts in the past and you probably already have a pretty robust set of sales setup for the year, but this kind of discount is truly different than all other discounts.

A Bounce-Back Discount is a single-use discount code that is automatically created and given to each of your customers after they have placed a qualifying order through your storefront! The automatically-created discount codes can be worth as much or as little as you'd like, and they can be setup to be given out with any minimum purchase requirements you define.

In addition to this being a discount that's custom-created for each of your customers individually, the bounce-back discount has one more feature that makes it even more powerful: these discount-codes expire 24 hours after your client places their order! The time-limit creates a slight sense of urgency and the discount provides a little bit of encouragement to help your clients decide to purchase the couple of additional prints that they were eyeing. :)

Setting It Up

Bounce-back discounts are setup through the “Discounts” page within the “Setup” tab. Here's how to set them up:

And that's it! After you've finished setting up the discount it will immediately, and automatically, go to work for you.

Give it a shot, and let us know if you have any questions as you are getting setup.

Suggestion #3 - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned! We'll be sending out our third suggestion sometime later this week! Remember to try each of the suggestions as they come, and let's make this month SPECTACULAR!

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