We're back with the fourth issue in our February SPECTACULAR series of newsletters! We've loved the responses that we've received from all of you to our previous suggestions, and it's great to see the impact our suggestions have already started to have on your print sales!

Having your images online and available to purchase is a giant step in the right direction for receiving print orders, but with just a little bit of extra care and attention those same sales could double or even triple what they are now! To make the most out of your Instaproofs account be sure to implement each of our suggestions as soon as you have a chance to do it!

Suggestion #4

So, on to our next suggestion (which you're going to implement on your account right away, right?)! The next suggestion is to utilize the MOBILE APPS functionality!

Mobile apps are collections of up to 50 images that your clients can view in a way that is specifically optimized for mobile devices. In addition to the photos, each mobile app also contains your contact information, an optional link to one of your storefront events, and up to three additional links of your choice.

Mobile App Demo
Mobile apps are an EXCELLENT way to both re-excite your previous clients about their older events, and to get your newer clients excited about their recent photo session as well! They're also an awesome word-of-mouth tool, and can easily be shared by your clients with their friends and families through Facebook, twitter, and email.

Instead of having your clients install these apps through an app store, they simply select the "Add to Homescreen" option from their browser while viewing their images. Each app will display a custom app icon, featuring one of your client's very own images! Also, once the app is installed your clients will be able to view their images at any time, regardless of whether they are online or off.

Since the mobile apps contain your contact details, they instantly become potential referrals when they are shared. Everyone that views each app and the images within them can quickly contact you to arrange a session of their own! In fact, many photographers have reported that these types of apps have become one of their primary referral sources. What makes these apps so effective is that your clients LOVE to share them with their friends, and your images do the talking!

Regardless of whether you have old or new events up on your account (or even if you don't have any events up at all!), go in and create a couple of Mobile Apps to see how well they can work for you!

Setting It Up

Mobile Apps are setup through the Mobile Apps tab. Here's how to set them up:

And that's it! The mobile apps are available for all account-holders, with a limit of 5 concurrently-active apps for standard accounts, and an unlimited number of apps for high-resolution subscription accounts.

So go on in and create your first few apps today!

Suggestion #5 - Coming Soon!

Stay tuned! We'll be sending out our fifth suggestion early next week! Remember to try each of the suggestions as they come, and let's make this month SPECTACULAR!

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