We're back with the last issue in our February SPECTACULAR series of newsletters! We've seen some great results this month on the accounts that incorporated our suggestions, and we hope that if you didn't get a chance to use some of the things we've suggested, that you will take the opportunity to do so in weeks and months ahead.

Suggestion #5 (our final suggestion!)

Our fifth and final suggestion for the month is actually a series of small things that you can do on your account to make sure that your storefront visitors are enjoying their viewing and purchasing experience as much as they possibly can be. You may already be doing some of these things, but it never hurts to do a quick inventory on your account and make sure you've got everything streamlined and working properly!


When your clients enter their galleries, their images should be presented to them in a way that is clean, organized, and easily navigable. One of the main ways of accomplishing this is through categories. If you have more than 100 images in an event, we strongly recommend that you break them up into multiple categories.

Categorized images encourage your clients to spend more time on your site, they provide a smoother viewing experience, they allow easier searching and quicker referrals of images to others, and they keep your clients from being bogged down by the sheer number of images that they've been given.

Some examples categories for a few different event types include the following: Take an extra 10 minutes per event to organize your images, and then sit back and watch your client's interest and your print sales grow!


Similar to organizing your event into categories (as noted above), the images within those categories should also be arranged in a way that encourages exploration and extended viewing. There are a few ways to do this, including:

Print Sizes

There are a few different things that we'd like to go over with print sizes:

Print Pricing

There are a LOT of opinions out there regarding the pricing of your images, so we won't add too much to that clutter. Instead, we'll show you a graph that details out how thousand of your fellow-photographers priced their images over the course of the last twelve months.

The graph we are showing below doesn't give you a starting price point, but instead shows you multiplier values for your sizes that can be used after you have determined how much you'd like to charge for a 4x6 print.
Print Pricing Graph
As an example, if we started with an $8 4x6 print, the 5x7 multiplier on the graph shows 1.84 which would make the suggested 5x7 price $14.72 ($8 x 1.84 = $14.72).

The multipliers shown on the graph were calculated off of the actual prices for prints sold through Instaproofs throughout all of 2014. The starting point (your 4x6 print price) is up to you to come up with, but if you need a little help with that as well, shoot us an email and we'd be happy to share the average 4x6 print price for your currency.

One parting observation on this: The fastest way to lose a significant volume of your sales is to price your prints too highly for your target audience. For example, getting an average middle-income individual to purchase 10 4x6s at $6.29/each is significantly easier than getting the same individual to purchase 3 4x6s at $20 apiece; and your profit would be roughly the same in both scenarios.

Shipping Prices

Have you ever abandoned an online purchase at the point of checkout simply because the shipping prices were higher than you expected them to be? If you are like the majority of online shoppers, the answer is probably yes. In fact, according to research conducted by BI Intelligence, 58% of US shoppers reported abandoning purchases because "Shipping costs made the total purchase more than expected."

Obviously shipping isn't free and someone has to pay it, but overcharging for it is a fast way to kill a sale! To help you get an idea of what reasonable shipping rates are, we have put together a graph showing the average shipping prices charged for orders placed through all U.S. Instaproofs storefront in the past twelve months.
Average Shipping Charges

Are your shipping prices significantly higher than those found in the chart above? If so, you may want to consider revising your rates.

Wrapping it up!

This month has been SPECTACULAR! We've seen a lot of people update their storefronts based on the various suggestions we've provided, and we've seen a lot of people increase their sales because of it. If you haven't had a chance to go through each of the different sets of suggestions that we've put out throughout the month, we highly recommend you doing so!

This newsletter contains the last of the suggestions we're providing in our February SPECTACULAR series of newsletters, but remember to try each of the suggestions and let's make this month (and every following month!) SPECTACULAR!

Our previous four newsletters in the series can be found here: February SPECTACULAR

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