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Aperture Plugin

If you use Aperture for your image management system, a plugin is available for you to upload your images directly from Aperture to Instaproofs.

You may download the plugin here:

To install the plugin just drop the unzipped file into Users -> {your user name} -> Library -> Application Support -> Aperture -> Plug-Ins -> Export. If this is your first Aperture plug-in, the folders "Plug-Ins" and "Export" may not exist. In this case just create the folders first.

If the "Library" folder is missing (hidden), you can get there through finder, as follows:
* Open the Finder
* Go to the Menu Bar and open the "Go" menu.
* Select the entry: "Go to Folder..."
* Enter the path of the Library folder: ~/Library

To use the plugin simply select the images you want to upload and choose "Instaproofs" from the Export menu option.

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