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When you create an Instaproofs account you are automatically given everything you need to immediately start displaying and selling your photos online. If you want to take your account a little further, for just $50 a year you can receive a high-resolution subscription, which is an add-on to the standard account, and includes:

  • 200 GB of storage space for high-res images*
  • Access to your high-resolution images anywhere, anytime*
  • The ability to sell high-resolution instant downloads through your storefront
  • The ability to sell entire-gallery instant downloads through your storefront
  • Image download capabilities through your storefront, without your clients having to add images to their cart
  • Unlimited timeframes for your photo galleries and online images
With the high-resolution subscription, you also get access to our print fulfillment services. Through our print fulfillment services you can easily fulfill your photograph orders with just a few clicks of the mouse, and the prints can be sent directly to your clients.
* We are not an image backup service provider. You should always keep backup copies of your photos stored safely on a device or service specifically designated and intended for backup purposes.
An essential part of any photographer’s business is communication. We offer the industry’s most flexible and feature-rich bulk email capabilities, which enables you to reach out to your customers at key marketing intervals. For example, you can choose to collect email addresses from your site visitors and send fully customized, and conveniently automated, messages to them, such as:

  • Notification emails sent a few days before each event expires
  • Event reminder emails for customers that have previously visited an event
  • Follow-up emails for customers who have placed items in their shopping cart but have not yet checked out
  • Sale alert emails for upcoming discounts or discount expiration dates
We also offer non-automated bulk emailing capabilities for photographers who wish to customize their messages and send to just a select group of individuals. Some of the uses for this functionality include sending invitation emails after an event’s photos have been fully uploaded, announcing upcoming studio deals, and other things of that nature. Our clients also enjoy that they can copy email addresses from one event to another, and that they can export their collected email addresses to third-party email service providers. These services and capabilities can enhance your business by giving you sound marketing options.
As any photographer knows, flexible and easy ordering options for their clients are a must. With hundreds, or even thousands, of photographs displaying in an event, many viewers can get discouraged and frustrated if the ordering process is complicated or non-intuitive. In order to avoid this type of frustration, we at Instaproofs have made viewing and ordering as simple as possible.

In addition to the simple ordering process, your clients are able to select their “favorite” images, which you can then view through your back-end account interface. This is perfect for individuals putting together their selections for pre-purchased albums, or just for marking the images they may be interested in purchasing.

What’s more, you retain control over the orders. Once an order is placed through your storefront, you get to select what happens to that order and where it is fulfilled. Additionally, as the photographer you are able to view items in your customers’ shopping carts even before they submit their order!
Fulfilling your orders and ordering prints has never been easier. We offer photographers two options for fulfilling their orders: First, you may self-fulfill, which means that you can take the order details that we provide and fulfill the order through the lab of your choice.

Alternatively, you may use our fulfillment services* to send your orders directly to our professional lab partners. When you send an order through our fulfillment services, our lab partners receive the order details and ship the order directly to your clients. For your convenience, you are always able to review and approve your orders before they are sent off, giving you the ability to crop, include add-ons or otherwise make adjustments. And as an additional free service to you, we offer you the ability to have your orders automatically fulfilled, which eliminates the need for you to manually submit the orders to our labs.
* Available to high resolution account holders
An e-commerce website enables a photographer to easily do business online. Your Instaproofs account provides you with a highly customizable e-commerce website, which allows you to modify the look and feel of your storefront in a way that your customers will never even know that they have left your website. We give you the ability to put personal touches on your storefront to complement your own style. For example, you may use a CNAME for your custom storefront URL, which takes our name completely out of the link, and you can choose vanity URLs for your different events that are easy for your customers to remember. You also have the options of:

  • Using your own favicon (the icon that display in the browser’s address bar)
  • Displaying your logo and contact information
  • Putting a custom link in the storefront header
  • Select the colors, backgrounds, buttons, images and fonts for your Instaproofs storefront, through fully customizable CSS (style sheets)
We also allow you to track your storefront visitors with your own Google Analytics accounts, and we allow you to add your own meta descriptions to your storefront. Through the use of these two options, you can (a) help your customers more easily find your customized site, and (b) track who is coming to visit and how often they are visiting.
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