Instaproofs - About Us

Instaproofs is a site dedicated to helping passionate photographers grow their business. Founded in late 2004 by Adam Ellis and Peter Lasko, Instaproofs was created with two specific goals in mind:

  1. To provide photographers with a simple and comprehensive set of tools for marketing and selling their photographs online, and
  2. To provide beautiful, easily-navigable websites for photography clients to view and purchase their images online from their photographers.
Tens of thousands of photographers have used the Instaproofs system for successfully marketing and selling their photography over the years, and with only a minimal amount of effort on your part you can do the same!

What Makes Instaproofs Unique?

Unlike other websites that enable you to sell your photos online, Instaproofs prides itself on a transparent, straightforward approach. You can trust Instaproofs as your business partner knowing that we will never charge you with setup costs or monthly fees, and our unparalleled commission structure gets you the compensation you deserve for your prints.

As a photographer in the digital age, you need as many tools at your disposal as possible to promote your images. When you work with Instaproofs, you benefit from an abundance of helpful features including marketing tools such as social bookmarks and sharing tools, email address accumulation, custom bulk emails, and more. We also provide tools to help you promote events and specials you are offering your clients. Even if you’re not technologically savvy, our caring and attentive customer service team can help you set up your very own digital photography storefront.

The Instaproofs Process

The Instaproofs process is simple and is outlined in the following 5 steps:

  1. Upload Images
  2. Promote Your Events
  3. Sell Your Images
  4. Fulfill Orders Wherever & However You Want
  5. Get Paid by Instaproofs!
Just post your images, fulfill your orders, and get paid. It's photography, made simple.

Sign Up With Instaproofs Today!

We have the utmost confidence in our marketing tools, customer service, and user-friendly methods. That’s why we are able to waive any setup fees. In fact, we only make money when you sell your images! If you’re ready to take your photography business to the next level, or trying to turn a hobby into a moneymaking venture, today! Or, fill out our contact form and we will provide you with more information.