About us

how Instaproofs got started

Work began on Instaproofs in the fall of 2004 when friends and co-founders Pete Lasko and Adam Ellis saw a need for an online photo proofing solution. A local photographer had recently taken photos of each of their respective families, and they were both frustrated by the process of having to align their schedules with the photographer's in order to view and order from the physical proofs.

Born from this shared frustration, Instaproofs was designed and developed with the singular goal of helping photographers and their clients more easily connect to review and order their images. It has now been over 16 years since the first images were uploaded to Instaproofs, and in those 16+ years there have been more than 450,000,000 images uploaded and shared through the photo storefronts provided by Instaproofs.

Although our history is fairly short, we consider ourselves friends to the thousands of individual photographers that we have had the fortune of working one-on-one with over the years. We'd love to work with and get to know you as well.