Kind words from Instaproofs users…

Instaproofs has delivered year after year with consistent income. In 2009 I followed Jon Canlas' approach to selling prints and started making on average $1,000/mo in print sales. There was even a year that I ran a lot of sales through the automations that instaproofs has and I sold over 30k in prints. Game Changer.

— Eric Kelley


Just wanted to let you know how much I like using Instaproofs for my online proofing and ordering. Your system is easy to use for both myself and my customers. With it's ease of use, it still allows me the flexibility to offer the variety of packages and products my customers like. Your marketing tools (bulk emails, special discount codes, etc.) have also been fantastic. Thanks for a great product.

— Suzanne Fischer


Amazing company!! I have recommended them to many photographer friends over the years. I have tried other companies over the years but I always come back to IP. Their focus is on selling prints and making it easy for my clients to share their images - 2 of the most important things in my business. Thanks for being so awesome.

— Gillian Reinhardt


I thought you might be interested to hear that I just got a call from a guy at Photostock Plus. They are one of your competitors. He's making cold calls to let people know about his service. I told him I used instaproofs, was quite happy with the service, and it was unlikely that I'd want to try someone else.
So here's the part I thought you might like to hear. He said that whenever he speaks to Instaproof customers, he hears that same thing all the time. He said that he never hears anything negative about Instaproofs, but couldn't say the same about other companies.
So I thought I'd pass that on to you. Keep up the good work.

— Justin Hackworth


Instaproofs has provided me, a non-confrontational person with an occasional bout of imposter's syndrome, a sure-fire way to be paid what I deserve. An added bonus is that my confidence has had a safe place and time to grow, and imposter's syndrome is less and less a part of my life. Super grateful for this platform.

— Rebecca Egger


Instaproofs has changed our lives. From barely there print sales, to "pajama money" daily, it has single-handedly made all the difference. We are photographers for the sole purpose of getting our beautiful images in front of our clients & in their homes. Not digitally, but physically - and all while making a profit. Instaproofs has a beautiful way of showcasing our work, guiding our clients towards making purchases, and then handling the rest with their automatic lab connection and delivery straight to their homes. We get to make beautiful images and without hardly any extra work, they are printed and on display for our clients, which is our ultimate goal. It has helped make that into such a reality where it's a huge win/win & has provided us with a whole new flow of income that has carried us through the slower times and then makes the good times even greater!

— HD Photobooth


I just wanted to let you know that I took a little time away from instaproofs to try a couple of other systems. You know what I found out? Pictage was robbing me blind! ;) ha ha ha but I bet you already knew that! And BluDomain's shopping cart isn't user friendly. My print sales actually took a nose dive this year when I switched to BluDomain. So....back to you I come. :) Thanks for the bazillionth time for having a great product.

— Priscilla B. Varner


Edinburgh Photographic is new to Instaproofs and in our first day received more orders than we could have dreamed of. Not only that, on asking for some customer support we received first class, professional assistance over and above the call of duty. I wish more Companies would operate like this one. Brilliant. Thank you.

— Patrick and Lindsey | Edinburgh Photographic


I just wanted to write you guys a quick e-mail. Your company has one of the best Customer Service teams that I have ever experienced. I considered switching to Smugmug or Exposure Manager [...] however, your company offers a lot that those other companies do not. One is direct deposit. Instaproofs has NEVER EVER EVER been late on issuing payment and that is phenomenal. I've heard horror stories about SM & EM. I hope that Instaproofs continues to grow because I will continue to use you. I shoot over 100,000+ images a year and your site is unbeatable when it comes to viewing, uploading, and sharing! Thank you for your great service!!

— Jamie Cinq-Mars | Mystical Photography


I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your service. We heard about your site a couple years ago at WPPI through Jonathan Canlas' presentation. We have been customers since then and have nothing but great things to say. We've only had a couple issues (due to client requests) and you guys were always quick to respond and help resolve the issue. We are so appreciative of that kind of service. It does not happen often!

— Annarica Lara | Clark Lara Photography


I love using your sevices. Thank you so much for your great customer service.

— Michelle Nuttall

Instaproofs is the BEST!! I'm constantly telling my photographer friends about it. I swapped from another gallery platform just over a year ago. Since then, my print sales have more than tripled and I have no doubt it's due to the automated emails available with Instaproofs. Highly recommend!

— Jessie Barksdale

Hey -- I just wanted to contact you because I really love Instaproofs. This service is really amazing, and I can't thank you enough! Keep up the fantastic work!!!

— Carly Millis

I just started using instaproofs this summer and my print sales have gone up so much! I love the site.

— Kelly Miller

You guys rock. Thank you for being so in tune with your community, you are all nothing short of stellar. Thank you!!!

— Anna Michalska

I really love instaproofs, and am hoping to use it much more as my business grows.

— Christina Domingues

I LOVE the tutorials!!! My business is just starting, and I haven't been a "big seller" yet, but seeing the tutorials on discounts and digital downloads has opened up numerous opportunities for me. I will be using them from now on!! Thanks so much!

— Sally Giles

You are such a lifesaver! Thanks for the awesome customer service.

— Eryn Wagner

Just a quick note to say thanks for the lightning fast service making the event changes I requested. You have saved me MANY HOURS of work and again re-affirmed why Instaproofs is the only choice for me.

— Brad Gienger

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Instaproofs has the best customer service. Ever.

— Heather Espana

I am extremely pleased so far! I’ve already sold more prints & products than I EVER did in the two years I was with Pixieset. I am a true believer!

— Jeremy Chou

I have received significantly more print orders through using Instaproofs, Inc. than my previous online proofing company. Keep up the good work - you're doing something right! :)

— Shannon Grant Photography

I just wanted to drop a line and say WOW and THANK YOU for the new slideshow feature. It's slick and wonderful and very easy to use. I love Instaproofs!!! You guys are the best!

— Michelle Lawlor

Thank you so much!!! Your customer service is AWESOME!!

— Amy Rogalski

You guys are so great with your customer service and willingness to receive & consider feedback. Really puts your company above the rest!

— Debra Thornton

I absolutely love working with Instaproofs because you are SO fast to respond with help and you are so honest!

— Jennifer | Jennifer Bialik Photography

You guys are the best company I've ever worked with. Thank you SO much (from the bottom of my heart, truly) for existing. I wouldn't consider, not even for a second going back to SmugMug or Zenfolio.

— Ysabella Jones

You have been such a great business to work with, and my brides are so happy! Thanks so much!

— Brooke Stevens-Patrick

Since switching over to Instaproofs, I have made over ($75,000 OR $15,000/year) in additional print sales. The best part is that once it's set up, it basically runs itself. I make money in my sleep!

— Rachel Solomon

I never expected this type of result from my email! That's fantastic, thanks!! This will make a huge difference. The site and options keeps getting better and better. :)

— Matt Ramos | Matt Ramos Photography, LLC

You guys ROCK MY WORLD. Seriously.


— Suzanne Arambula

I love Instaproofs. It has Pixy dust on it....for some reason, clients buy more stuff through this service than any other I've used.

— Eric Rudd | Eric Rudd Photography

Instaproofs is BY FAR the best platform for photo hosting and selling -- not only for me, but also for my clients. I love that I can set sales and future discounts and forget about it while my clients reap the benefits of an easy process on their end. Plus, the customer service is amazing!

— Kelsey Schwenk

Oh my gosh you guys are THE BEST!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! The customer service you guys provide for your clients is above and beyond what anyone would expect. LOVE YOU GUYS!!

— Keri Payne

I’ve tried a few different online proofing systems and Instaproofs is hands down the best. My sales with other platforms has been nowhere near my sales with instaproofs. Highly recommended.

— Tina Dudley Loveridge

In an industry that is inundated with proofing options, I am an instaproofs client for life. This business is run with real heart & soul.

— Natalie Norton

Thank you for all you guys do! Instaproofs is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my business and it's because of the customer service you guys provide. :)

— Danielle DeFiore | Danielle DeFiore Photography

This was my first time using Instaproofs with a paying client. Everything worked perfectly and was super easy to use. I love your site. Thank you!

— Rusty Johnston

I heart @instaproofs You guys rock!! My proofing and ordering has improved 10-fold since using you! THANK YOU!!

— Kirsten Mitson

We've had more orders on Instaproofs in 6 months than we had the entire time we were with our previous provider (6+ years)!

— Cody Tolmen

Wow! I just used the fulfillment for the first time and it couldn't be easier! Every option I'd want is there and it's super easy to manage everything. WAY easier than doing it all myself.

— Kate Ignatowski

You guys have insane customer service! Thank you again!

— Amanda Nelson Photography

Brilliant service and product. So glad I found you. I have been searching for something like this for years, just nothing like it in the UK.

— Tracy Simpson

You guys do a great job and are so easy to deal with. Thanks for the exceptional customer service!

— Elizabeth Larson

My first event is up and looks just great. Your service is sooo much nicer than the one I was using. Gracias!

— Genevieve Shiffrar

Thanks guys! Your hard work is APPRECIATED! And our business continues to grow with your help! We constantly get responses from our clients stating how easy it is to use the instaproofs site!

— Paul & Tammy | Red Door Photo & Design

Thank you so much! You are always so helpful and I know I can always rely on a speedy response when I need assistance.

— Sabrina Lightbourn

I have used instaproofs for almost 4 years & their amazing customer service STILL amazes me.

— Laura Reaux

Instaproofs is absolutely amazing!! The ability to have automated emails go out with timed sales has brought me a passive income stream that I could only dream about before.

— Jonas Seaman

You guys are so nice!! I have only dealt with you on 2 occasions, but both times you all have been really nice and it seams that you guys are really here to help!! This type of customer service is hard to come by!!! Thank you so much!!

— Laurie Travis | Travis Ranch Photography

HOLY CRAP?! Thank you SO MUCH for responding so fast! You guys are THE BEST!

— Michelle King

Instaproofs is the greatest proofing site ever. Period.

— Cade Bowman

You guys never cease to amaze and I love how you LISTEN to your customers. MPIX has done this, too, and now has MPIXpro. So with you guys and mpixpro in my tool kit, I can't go wrong. Thanks, adam and team for what you do!!!!!

— Paul Wolf | Creative Process

You guys are so amazing, have I told you that lately? Always coming to my rescue, hand-holding me through every little thing and being just fantastic people~ this is exactly why I recommend your site to every photographer I know!

— Kierstan Renner

I love your website. It has been a great tool for me as I'm building my business. You guys are fantastic!

— Christy Cropper

THANK YOU ALL for providing such a stellar website. I always get the greatest comments about it. Don't know what I would do without you.

— Debi Mann | Shutttterbug.com

Thanks for responding so quickly!!! I can't say enough how instaproofs has changed my business! I have never worked with a proofing site as great as yours!!!!! (see all the exclamation points? im super excited about it).

— Jen Sieveking

We have been happy Instaproofs users for many years! I love how easy it is to use, schedule discounts and present to clients. And the customer service is excellent; it’s nice to get a human when you need help!

— Airika Pope

My partner and I have found your service and proofing cart to be such a wonderful asset to our photography business. If you ever need any referrals to list on your site, let us know and we'd be happy to write you one!

— Becka Knight & Nathan Robinson | Studio222 Photograph

Y'all are awesome!!! I refer you to everyone because y'all are so helpful! Thanks for everything!!

— Kassie Richardson

It's so easy to get help from you guys. You guys do it right!!!

— Matt Morrissey

You are the BEST! Thank you for responding so quickly! Your customer service continuously goes above and beyond my expectations every time! I appreciate everything you do! One of the many reasons I have stayed with Instaproofs so long and continue to refer you all to everyone!!!!!

— Melissa McClure

This is a really great service and you guys have made it possible for me to have an affordable storefront. I don't always shoot events, but when I do, it's good to have this service. Thanks!

— Ana Reyes

One of the best things I've done in last 12 months was to start using @instaproofs for print sales - huge difference.

— David Long

I am really pleased with Instaproofs and recommend it to my colleagues. You have a great product.

— Dorothy Perry

Instaproofs consistently earns me over $1000 a month, sometimes more!

— Philip Casey

Most internet customer service I've interacted with has been very impersonal and slow to respond. You have been really wonderful, so thanks!

— Kristina Hill

Thank you thank you thank you ... why have I not found you earlier!!!! Finally a company that has everything I need to proof and sell online PLUS amazing and SUPER FAST customer service.

— Sarah Chapman

I love your website! I have used enough image proofing sites to know that yours is the best. Luckily I was enthusiastically encouraged to check yours out from Jon and Leo. I am also represented by Fuji Film. Thank you so much!

— Leah McCormick | Photography by Leah

Thank you! I don't know why it took me so long to find it but is saving me time. I love it. You guys rock!

— Michael McIntire

Instaproofs has changed how I run my business and has been absolutely instrumental in "pajama profits" more than any other gallery platform I've ever used (and I've used a ton).

— Anna Michalska

I think your company is outstanding! I am very pleased with how it is set up. I will be telling other photographers about you all. Keep up the good work!

— Todd DeBord

I could not be more happy with my instaproofs experience thus far…Seriously…. Soooooo much work just taken out of my hands! Thanks Thanks and Thanks again

— Tad Atkinson

You guys are the absolute best!!!! I cannot tell you how much I LOVE your customer service!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for always doing such an amazing job!

— Alicia L. Shields

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with your service. We heard about your site a couple years ago at WPPI through Jonathan Canlas' presentation. We have been customers since then and have nothing but great things to say. We've only had a couple issues (due to client requests) and you guys were always quick to respond and help resolve the issue. We are so appreciative of that kind of service. It does not happen often!

— Annarica Lara | Clark Lara Photography

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